Drafts proposals for revising the EU Reg.2018/273

IRV-CIP has examined the drafts proposals for revising the EU Reg.2018/273 and (EU) Reg. 2018/274 on the vine planting authorizations.

The opinion of the association is that the changes proposed do not change substancially the legislation in force.

The only point on which some comments have been collected concern the definition of “collection of varieties”.

Firstly the association welcomes the introduction of the definition of “collection of varieties” because collections are important for the preservation of biodiversity on which the activity of nurserymen rely as well. IRV-CIP adds some comments on the definition proposed.

You may find the link to the IRV-CIP opinion and also the COPA COGECA final document on such item that has included comments from IRV-CIP (highlighted).

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