Board Meeting 2022, Bad Dürkheim

On 31 August the Board met in Bad Dürkheim (Germany) for discussing some items concerning the activity of the association in view of the general assembly of 2 December 2022 in Bordeaux.

By postponing a presentation on the PIWI varieties by Rudof Eibach, it was possible to devote the entirely to a fruitful discussion.

In the afternoon a very interesting visit was paid to the Center of Neustadt to an experimental vineyard where PIWI and Vinifera varieties are growing together for comparison.

Even the experimental nurseries of the Centre were shown and it was possible to appreciate trials concerning different Hot Water Treatments, and treatments with plant protection products.

During the dinner, kindly offered by the German nursery association, some wines obtained by PIWI varieties already on market as quality wines were presented and tasted.