Foundation of the CIP

With the entry in force of the EU Directive 68/193/EEC European producers of grapevine material felt the need to confront and collaborate.
In the frame of the International Congress of Grapevine Nurseries on 30th January 1974 in Dijon - France a discussion has been started about establishing an European Committee of grapevine producers,composed by national European vine nursery associations, not single enterprises.

On 7th June 1974 in Sion - Switzerland the following persons formed a group of proponents :
Gabriel CONSTANTIN, grapevine producer, Switzerland
Roger BARBIER, President of the Grapevine Producers Association North, France
Jean SERVEL, grapevine producer, France
Paul GRANGEON, President of the Grapevine Producers Association South, France
Dr. Jean Louis SIMON, Stazione federale Pully, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Helmut BECKER, Director of the Grapevine Institute Geisenheim, Germany
Georg LINDER, grapevine producer, Germany
Dr. Ruggero FORTI, ass. MIVA, Italy
Giulio BARDONI, grapevine producer, Italy


In the frame of the Grapevine Symposium in Geisenheim 13th and 14th February 1975
the International Committee of grapevine nurseries CIP was founded in Schlangenbad (Germany) Gabriel CONSTANTIN was elected as President and Dr. Jean Louis SIMON was installed as Secretary.

2015 was the 40┬░ ANNIVERSARY of the IRV-CIP.