The Association originally has been founded in Switzerland under the name “CIP – Comité International des Pépiniéristes”.

The official language was French.

With regard to the common market of the EU the seat of the organisation was transferred to Austria.

German was introduced as a further official language and the name was extended to “IRV-CIP – Internationaler Rebveredlerverband – Comité International des Pépiniéristes Viticoles”.

In order to improve the communication on an international level English was introduced as common language.

The English name of the association is “IAN – International Association of Grapevine Nurseries”.


The grapevine is the essential basis for the quality of the future wine. The selection of high quality planting material which is optimally adapted to the surrounding conditions is a decisive but often underestimated factor in the wine production process. European grapevine producers constantly endeavour to offer winegrowers officially controlled and certified vine plants of all required vine varieties and of the very highest quality.


In order to co-ordinate activities better, grapevine producers are organized in national professional associations in most of the wine-growing countries. The International Association of Grapevine Nurseries (IAN) – in German “Verein Internationaler Rebveredlerverband (IRV)” and in French “Comité international des pépiniéristes viticoles (CIP)” – has its registered office in Klosterneuburg in Lower Austria and its activities extend throughout Europe. As an international umbrella organization it acts as a confederation for the national associations of grapevine nurseries of 10 European wine-growing countries.


The activities of the IAN-IRV-CIP aim to enhance the development of grapevine grafting in the service of viticulture, to facilitate the exchange of information and contacts between grapevine nurseries in different European wine-growing regions and, in particular, to represent the interests of grapevine nurseries in developing legal standards at an international level.