Technical criteria for reducing grapevine trunk diseases infection in nurseries

The IRV-CIP represents the national associations of the 10 Countries that produce almost all of the
continent’s vine plants.

Already in 2018, the version of the work at issue was forwarded to this

At that time IRV-CIP, with the attached note of 3 April 2018, forwarded a response that pointed out:

– perplexity about the effectiveness of some technical measures due to their difficult
implementation: Hot Water Treatment, generalized trellising of rootstock;
– dissent on the fact that nursery material is responsible for the spread of GTD;
– acknowledgment that some suggested practices, even those of non-practical adoption, have
already been adopted by decision of the companies (pruning wound protection, drip irrigation,
nutrition, sanitary and hygiene measures) or envisaged by the legislation in force on the marketing
of propagating material of vine (quality and phytosanitary controls, fallow for establishing a
nursery cutting or mother plant block);
– that the suggestions of OIV resolution VITI 2/2006 concerning «Measures used to prevent or limit
the proliferation of wood diseases» “are very important and not always respected” by the growers
of fruit vineyards. In fact, the occurrence of GTD is more serious in fruit vineyards mainly because…