Production 2017

Production report 2017 /2018 of the Member Countries of the IRV – CIP

for Hungary, Portugal and Switzerland approximate data)


Here is represented how much the result of the vineplant production is exposed to climate changes,

pytosanitary status and quality of rootstock cuttings and scion buds.

In the last 3 Years the increasing work done, gave up lesser result.

The available vineplants in 2018 seems in condition to cover the requirements for the programmed new vineyard plantings

with a medium 65% white and 35% red grapese respecting the present trend of the wine consumer.


ROOTSTOCK MOTHERPLANTS 2017/2018 Total surface HA 8.508,34



FRANCE, ITALY, SPAIN are the most important rootstock producer.

Also for other countries, selling rootstock cuttings to nurserymen.



2015/2016, because of necessary pytosanitary renewal, there was a production lost

 recovered in following years with high  investments

 garanting so the nursery men healhty rootstock cuttings for the new plants.



To assure the required quantity of scions in dependence of consumer trend,

considering also climate variability and sanitary status,

 it is always necessary and opportune

 to invest in controlled higher surfaces as really at the end necessary for the production.


The reduction 2015 and 2016 was depending of strict sanitary program imposing to take off surfaces. The cliamte changes and the variability of consumer trend imposed to grow up and invest in higher surfaces with new healthy motherpalnts of the last generations, so that 2017 the surface of scions motherplants exceded the preceding surface garanting the nursery men to reproduce for the vinegrowes the plants they need for the new programmed vineyard plantings.